Using Lista

Saves time and
increases efficiency
and profitability
Reduces errors
and encourages
Improves both
employee and
client satisfaction
in a job well done
Greatly reduces
training time
Provides a repository
for institutional
Increases the
value of your firm

Our Story

AILA attorney Catherine Haight started Haight Law Group in 2002 and developed numerous step-by-step checklists for handling employment- and family-based immigration law cases. Catherine then created Lista as the platform for managing the checklists and monitoring ongoing cases. Instead of spending hours researching or asking their colleague or supervisor what to do next, staff members have a clear roadmap for case processing. Training time has been reduced considerably.

Catherine soon realized other attorneys and law firms would benefit from Lista. The platform is now available by subscription with the ability to purchase reusable immigration case processing templates.

Available processes for purchase include:

  • H-1B – 135+ steps ($250)
  • L-1A – 60+ steps ($150)
  • L-1B – 65+ steps ($150)
  • O-1A – 60+ steps ($150)
  • O-1B Arts – 60+ steps ($150)
  • O-1B MP/TV – 60+ steps ($150)
  • P-1 Athlete – 60+ steps ($150)
  • TN Canadian Border Application – 20+ steps ($100)
  • TN Canadian Border Application – 20+ steps ($100)
  • TN Petition to USCIS – 65+ steps ($100)
  • TN Mexican Consular Case – 30+ steps ($100)
  • PERM – 150+ steps ($350)
  • I-140 (after approved PERM) – 50+ steps ($75)
  • EB1-A Extraordinary Ability Immigrant Visa Petition – 50+ steps ($200)
  • EB1-C Multinational Manager Immigrant Petition – 60+ steps ($200)
  • National Interest Waiver (Advanced Degree) – 65+ steps ($225)
  • AOS (EB) – 90+ steps ($100)
  • H-4 Spouse I-765 EAD – 55+ steps ($100)
  • I-130 Standalone Case Processing Checklist – 60+ steps ($100)
  • AOS (FB) Standalone Case Processing Checklist – 90+ steps ($100)
  • I-130 + AOS (FB) Concurrent Case Processing Checklist – 100+ steps ($175)
  • New Hire Onboarding ($25)
  • Employee Termination ($25)

Lista case templates provide step-by-step directions for preparing a case, from initial intake to final receipt of government documents and closing the case. Templates also include sample attorney cover letters, letters of support, and citations to relevant regulatory authority.


“Lista is a one-stop shop for case processing checklists and sample letters. Makes case preparation a breeze!”

Matt O.

“Lista is a game changer. It’s a checklist manifesto. The attorney doesn’t have to guess whether they checked all aspects of the case. More importantly, if another attorney or a paralegal picks up the case they don’t have to worry about missing anything—the various checkpoints ensure no details are missed. Highly recommended for all attorneys, irrespective of the years in practice.”

Raj I.

“Lista is comprehensive, yet simple to use. Easy-to-follow steps. The Lista links, cites, and sample templates/letters are real time savers!”

Cheryl G.