Simply a Smart Way to Work

Lista is an easy-to-use standard operating procedures solution for your company, specifically created for small and medium businesses with up to 50 employees. With Lista, you can quickly and easily create your repeatable processes, increase productivity, and make your business more profitable.

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“Lista was efficient for building procedures and incredibly responsive compared to my custom-made system.”

Deb Beddoe, Founder

Do You Experience These Challenges in Your Business?

  • Key processes are in someone’s head and not documented
  • Being disorganized, inefficient, or error prone
  • Less than optimal productivity
  • Duplicated efforts by staff
  • Spending too much time training

Lista Makes It Easy for Business Owners to

  • Be more organized, efficient, and productive
  • Reduce hours re-creating repeatable processes
  • Reduce risk of human errors
  • Minimize learning time with easy-to-use software
  • Document valuable institutional knowledge

How It Works For You

Create Your Procedures
Assign & Use Your Procedures With Employees
Set Due Dates & Track Progress