The Lista Story

Catherine Haight is the founding member of Haight Law Group, PC in Marina del Rey, California.  She has been practicing immigration law since 1989 after earning a J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law.  

Catherine’s background in immigration law is quite extensive.  She was an elected member of the Board of Governors of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and has served on numerous AILA national committees, including Department of State, Inter-Governmental Agency, and Business Immigration; she served on and even chaired the Department of Labor Committee for many years.  She has spoken on panels at well over 100 immigration law conferences and has authored over thirty immigration law articles, as well as the Labor Certification chapter of Immigration Law and Procedure, a leading treatise on immigration law, published by Matthew Bender.  Catherine’s CV can be viewed here.  

Over the past 20 years, Haight Law Group created hundreds of processes to work through the numerous immigration law cases handled by the firm.  Over time, they recognized that they needed a platform to organize, maintain, and utilize these processes.  They searched for simple, easy-to-use solutions but there weren’t any.  Thus, Lista was born.

Catherine developed the Lista platform throughout 2019.  The next year, the firm increased net profits by 15%.  Lista saved the firm time and money, reduced errors, and made the legal team much more efficient!  After recognizing the value Lista brought to her firm, Catherine realized that she wanted to share it with immigration law friends and colleagues.  The Lista team further developed the platform and launched it to the public in 2023.

Why Our Company is Named Lista

While the platform is simple and easy to use, the only trouble you may have with it is saying the name.  While you might want to say “List-ta,” it is pronounced “Lee-sta,” the Spanish word for “smart” and “clever.”  We believe that describes YOU using Lista to increase efficiencies and productivity in your own firm!

Our Mission & Promise

Lista provides immigration law firms with case process templates that increase productivity while saving time and money by reducing the need to recreate existing procedures.


Automating workflows to increase employee productivity and company efficiencies will continue to be a core focus of Lista’s development team.


Creating cost-effective, functional value for our users is at the forefront of our development, day-in and day-out.


We understand the need for a simple to use, cost-effective solution for immigration law firms because we were born out of one and developed Lista for firms like ours.


The flexibility for users to customize and update firm-specific processes with the steps needed to accomplish any procedural task was not an afterthought in creating Lista.

We LOVE Lista. You will too!