The Lista Story

In our small business we created hundreds of processes – from how to prepare a case to detailed training steps for a new staff member. We kept these processes in miscellaneous places on our server or even in black binders on staff members’ desks! Over time, we recognized that we needed a platform to organize, maintain, and utilize them. We searched for simple, easy-to-use solutions but there weren’t any. Thus, Lista was born.

We developed the Lista platform throughout 2019. After implementing it in December 2019, over the next year, we reduced staff by 12% resulting in a decrease in salary expenses of 18%, while increasing our net profit by 15%. These processes have saved our firm time and money; they reduced errors and made us more efficient.

Why Our Company is Named Lista

While our solution is simple to set up, easy to use, and intuitive to help users build efficient and repeatable procedures, the only trouble you may have with our software is saying our name. While you might want to say ‘List-ta,” we say “Lee-sta,” which in Spanish translates to “smart” and “clever.” We think that describes you using Lista to increase efficiencies and productivity in your organization.

Our Mission & Promise

Lista provides businesses the flexibility to consistently create and update easy-to-configure processes that increase productivity while saving time and money by reducing the need to recreate existing procedures.

Driven By Values

Users will have a positive experience and gain trust and confidence by deploying Lista to help achieve employee and business productivity goals.


Automating workflows to increase employee productivity and company efficiencies will continue to be a core focus of Lista’s development team.


Creating cost-effective, functional value for our users is at the forefront of our development, day-in and day-out.


We understand the need for a simple to use, cost-effective solution for sole proprietor businesses and those with up to 50 employees because we are a small business, and we created Lista for companies like ours.


The flexibility for users to design and update company-specific processes with the steps needed to accomplish any procedural task in any department was not an afterthought in creating Lista.

Our staff LOVES Lista. You will too!