Streamline Repetitive
Procedures and Processes

Company procedures vary by department and function. Once developed, processes can be used repeatedly to save you and your company time and money. With Lista, you have the flexibility to customize your procedures and workflow. It’s that simple!

Creating & Editing Processes Made Easy

Drag & Drop

Set up your procedure template in minutes. Give your template a name then add in the steps and sub-steps that will see you through to completion!

Want to re-order the steps in your procedure template now or in the future? Not a problem! Simply click and drag your step to the right place.

Use Procedures

Once you’ve set up a procedure template, putting it into practice couldn’t be easier! Tag the procedure with a project name or client so it’s easy to find. Add any extra information your team needs – due date, notes, or even attachments!

Set Due Date

Once a procedure is in place, you can set a due date each time you’re assigning the procedure. Team members can start working through the steps knowing when completion of the process is due. Mark steps for completion or N/A if it doesn’t apply. Simple!

Invite Team Members

When you invite your employees to the system, everyone has access to the procedure templates they need.

Our cloud-based system means your team can access their procedures from anywhere. No more searching through hard drives or chasing down colleagues to find the latest templates – everything you need is here at the click of a button!

Track Progress

As a project progresses, you can track its progress easily through the Lista interface. Here you can see who has worked on each step in the procedure, when each step was completed, and what to work on next.

Not only does this improve your efficiency, it allows you to offer professional updates to your clients with no added effort.

Sample Procedure

Lista is the business process management solution that flexes with your company’s individual needs.

Simple. Intuitive. Dependable.

84% of small businesses rely on a manual process and lose 20-30% in revenue each year due to inefficient and ineffective processes.

“I found that Lista was pretty straightforward to use compared to other products. Other comparable options can have too much going on which gets confusing. Lista was easy to use, easy to figure out, easy to create procedures, and straightforward to see the steps and edit them; once I had decided what was going into the procedure it only took about 5-10 minutes to actually build it.”

Amanda Singer