Your Immigration Case Processing

Most law firms don’t have clear, detailed procedures for employment-based immigration case processing. Attorneys and paralegals typically start from scratch on each case, hoping they don’t miss a critical step or the required legal analysis. This is both inefficient and risky.

Enter Lista – a cloud-based platform for immigration law firms that provides tested, reliable “how-to’s” for employment-based immigration case processing. Lista’s process templates include cases such as H-1B, L-1, O-1, PERM and many more.

Case Processing Made Easy

Staff can easily find the right procedure template and tag case versions in accord with your own naming conventions such as employer name, employee name, position title, etc. Users check off each process step as it is completed, and the step is date-marked with the user’s name. Comments can be added at each step. You can customize your procedures and continually edit and improve them.

Reduce the Stress of Case Processing!

Users LOVE Lista. You now have a clear roadmap on how to handle a case instead of spending hours researching or asking a colleague or supervisor what to do. No more worrying about missing a critical step that results in a delay in, or the death knell of, a client’s case.

Easily Track Case Progress

Do you ever wonder where a case stands? Well wonder no more! With Lista, you can easily see where the case is, when each step was completed, who has worked on each step in the process, and what the next action item is on a given case. Comments can be added at each step to effectively communicate with coworkers.

Use Tested, Reliable Case Steps

You’ll be using processes that were developed and tested by AILA attorney Catherine Haight over the past two decades. Lista case templates are kept updated as immigration laws, regulations, and policies change over time.

Overall Benefits for Your Firm

Subscribing to Lista:

  • saves time and makes your staff more efficient and thus makes your firm more profitable,
  • reduces errors and encourages continuous improvements,
  • improves both employee and client satisfaction in a job well done,
  • allows the firm to grow, and
  • increases the value of your firm.