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Testimonial 6

“Lista had an overall neat and clean interface that feels good to use, and generally has a simple and intuitive feel to it. Great branding!” CEO Insurance Company

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Testimonial 5

“Creating the first step of a procedure template took probably three minutes, and then after that they took 30 seconds or less because Lista was very straightforward to use.” Marshall Smith, Founder Practical Activation

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Testimonial 4

“It was easy to figure out the software. It took 10 – 15 minutes to build a procedure and was very intuitive. It was effective in setting up procedures.” ​​Saba Zafar, Employment Counsel Boren, Osher & Luftman, LLP

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Testimonial 3

“The User Guide was great; once I got into Lista I could look back at the User Guide’s visuals and figure everything out easily.” Accounting Consultant Financial Services Firm

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Testimonial 2

“Lista seems very, very simple. Having searched through complicated similar software recently, it’s refreshing.” Gary Eastman, Managing Attorney Eastman IP

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