Many small businesses keep their standard operating procedures (SOPs) in everything from a black binder to a hard-to-remember-which folder on a server, to someone’s memory. When staff members are assigned a new task, they need training on every step. Managers and staff often spin their wheels searching for how-to guides or recreating already-created procedures.

Employees need, and appreciate, a clear roadmap for handling tasks instead of constantly asking their supervisor or a colleague what to do next or trying to figure it out on their own. Moreover, when someone is unavailable, others in the company struggle to figure out what the person was doing and how they were doing it.


Enter Lista – a cloud-based, secure platform for companies to create and use their own standard procedures.

Examples might be:

  • How to onboard a new staff member
  • How to set up a new computer
  • How your company’s services should be provided to your customers

Setting up a company’s systems and processes on Lista:

  • provides a “bank” for the company’s institutional knowledge,
  • saves time and makes employees more efficient and thus makes the business more profitable,
  • reduces errors and encourages continuous improvements,
  • improves both employee and customer satisfaction in a job well done, allows the company to grow, and
  • increases the value of the company.

Indeed, a robust set of SOPs can be the primary value of a company!


With Lista, master SOPs can be set up in minutes and thereafter staff can easily find the right procedure template and save and use it with your company’s own custom naming conventions. Users check off each step as it is completed, and the step is date-marked with the user’s name. Comments can be added at each step. Procedure templates can be edited and improved on an ongoing basis.

SOPs increase productivity, profits, and the value of their company as a whole. Set some up on Lista and see how they can work for you!

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