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Many small businesses keep their standard operating procedures (SOPs) in everything from a black binder to a hard-to-remember-which folder on a server, to someone’s memory. When staff members are assigned a new task, they need training on every step. Managers and staff often spin their wheels searching for how-to guides or recreating already-created procedures. Employees …

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What is the Difference Between SOPs and Work Instructions?

At first SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and Work Instructions might seem like synonyms – after all, aren’t these both standardized descriptions for how employees should carry out a particular task? Well, yes and no. While it is true that these are both mandatory sets of instructions, they stand at different points in the hierarchy of …

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How Do I Create an SOP for My Business?

When was the last time you bought new equipment for your business or even a new appliance for your home? When you did, in all likelihood, it came with a user manual. And that’s a good thing because the user manual shows you the equipment’s features, exactly how it works, and what to do when …

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